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Swarovski Crystal Chakra Bracelets

Blessed with Water from the Healing Grotto at Lourdes

We’d like to welcome you to our line of chakra bracelets—available at our workshops for years and now ready for purchase here on our website.  They are all made with 100% Swarovski crystals in the U.S. by spiritual artisans.  All bracelets are charged and blessed with water from the healing grotto at Lourdes, France.  And each bracelet comes with its own organza pull-string bag and an information page with affirmations and instructions about chakra balancing and energy combinations.  You can even get an attachable charm to stimulate psychic focus and development.

Choosing the Right Hand

When you wear your bracelets, don’t forget that the left side of the body is ruled by the right brain.  This means that your left hand is the yin hand, or the “receiving” hand.  The right hand is the yang hand or the “expressive” hand.  (This is true whether you’re right or left handed.)  So if you’d like to bring the energy toward you, wear the bracelet on the left hand.  If you’d like to express that energy out toward the world, wear it on your right hand.  And, of course you can change hands any time depending on what’s required by the situations and people you meet and by the ups and downs of your own energy.  Remember there is no piece of jewelry that’s magic.  These bracelets help you focus mind and energy.  Let them work for you by applying the affirmations that come with your bracelet (or use your own).  And be sure to declare a new focus if you change the bracelet from one hand to the other.
About Our Bracelets

Our bracelets come in different size beads (8mm or 10mm) for different size wrists.
If you require a special size bracelet or would like your own combination of colored crystals, custom orders are available.
So take a look at our Swarovski Chakra Bracelets.  See which colors attract you most.  That may be your intuition telling you which chakras may be your most powerful (or may need your focus now).  If you have any questions about our bracelets, contact us at customerserv¬ or call 440-871-5446.

Building Psychic Focus with the Plain of Neptune

The Plain of Neptune can be found at the center of the palm between the Plain of Mars and the wrist.  Activating the Plain of Neptune can help in heightening psychic abilities, uncovering the unconscious mind, and understanding the ancient mystical laws and occult practices.  Although the Plain of Neptune can be stimulated by placement of a gemstone there during meditation, it can also be activated in the use of jewelry.  A loose, flexible, chainlike bracelet which would fall low upon the wrist is best for this purpose.  Place upon that bracelet a gemstone or charm or amulet which represents to you (by vibration or symbolism) that area of metaphysics, psychism, subconscious energy, or hidden occult mysteries that you would most like to experience (left) or express (right).  Move that stone or amulet along the chain so that it rests on the inside of your arm at the center. With your hand down at your side, the stone or charm should then fall directly upon the plain of Neptune.  Always repeat your affirmation whenever you happen to touch your gemstone or charm; for—no matter how the stone vibrates—its energies are there to trigger the conscious focus of your own divine eternal powers.

Lily Dale and Sharon Klingler on the Oprah Winfrey Network.  A few weeks ago on OWN, a long segment on the Beyond Belief show was devoted to Lily Dale and to the people who go there to find solace and make connections to their deceased loved ones.  A number of mediums, including our own Sharon Anne Klingler, were featured giving messages at the outdoor services.  Then the people who received those messages were interviewed – most of whom were comforted and happy with what they received from the spirit world.   If you would like to watch this show, simply go to the Oprah Winfrey Network site on your computer, then go to Beyond Belief, and then to the episode titled The Other Side.  The mediums did a great job and Lily Dale looks beautiful as always.  It will leave you wishing for summer and for the Lily Dale season!

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